About the Redmond School Break Food Box Program

Helping our community one family at a time

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Who are we?

The Redmond School Break Food Box Program is a collaborative ministry of several local churches, operating in the Educational Hill area since the fall of 2016. We specifically focus our services to families with school-aged children; the Redmond School Break Food Box Program assists these families by supplying groceries and other necessities during times when students may not have access to free/reduced lunches. We are a non-profit, completely grassroots and volunteer-run program; every dollar donated goes straight into feeding our local families.

What do we do?

Working with school counselors in participating Redmond schools, we provide boxes of supplemental food to families experiencing food insecurity. Boxes of food are collected and distributed two days before Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks. 

 COVID-19 Pandemic

In response to the current coronavirus pandemic, the Redmond School Break Food Box Program organized eight distribution days between March 20th – August 13th, when schools were closed and families struggled with job loss, staying safe, and other economic challenges.  As we transition into the 2020-2021 school year, we maintain our commitment to health and safety by shopping in bulk, purchasing clean boxes for every distribution, offering touchless delivery or pick-up, and wearing masks and gloves as we work.  While we rely on community giving to fund the program, we understand that this is an uncertain time for many.  Support comes in many forms, and there are no small gifts!  Volunteering, Liking us on Facebook, telling your friends about the Redmond School Break Food Box Program are other ways you can give.